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Certified by the Turkish Ministry of Health for all countries of the world



“Where to get my PCR Test in Istanbul?” J Health is your answer.

You can get your Covid-19 test for travel in your hotel/home, safely done before your travel. We offer you Covid-19 Pcr test and we are located in the hearth of Istanbul, near you.


Why Should I Have The Test?

The PCR test ensures that people carrying the COVID-19 virus are identified at the earliest stage, even if they do not have any symptoms. If you are planning to go abroad, you can get the results of your PCR tests, which are mandatory for entering some countries, as soon as possible.

The results will be delivered to you within 4 hours


COVID-19 Antibody Tests (IgM / IgG)
Why Should I Have The Test?

With COVID-19 antibody tests, you can find out your immune status if you have had or survived the Corona Virus without symptoms.

IgM: It enables the identification of people who have had the disease and whose symptoms have just started.

IgG: By identifying people who are immune to the disease, it helps them to return to their work and social life in a healthier and safer way.

Be Hope with Plasma!

Successful results can be obtained by treating patients with a severe course of COVID-19 with plasma taken from people who have previously had the virus and developed antibodies.


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